Welcome! Please, allow me to explain…

The writing for the stage workshops are about three things:

  • The Story – What are the essential ingredients of an engaging story? How do we deliver it effectively?
  • The Stage – What makes writing for the stage/live performance different from writing for any other medium? What are all the opportunities that the stage offers to bring your story to life?
  • The Process – How is writing like a journey for the writer? How do we delve deeper into our own ideas and discover our way through our own narrative?

These three aspects are at the heart of all the workshops. The intention is to understand better the essential elements for writing a character driven story with a recognizable, living world, and explore how to deliver it in a way that holds the audience’ attention whilst giving them impactful moments. Stories that are full of feelings and food for thought! Stories that may be brought to life on stage to leave their mark on a live audience. In every workshop we focus on a particular practical phase of the writing process and we do this with reference to a number of 20th century plays that have been engaging audiences for decades, showing us how it works and why it works!  So these workshops are for:

  • writers that are engaged in storytelling for any medium,
  • playwrights that desire an opportunity to find fresh pathways for their work,
  • actors and directors that would like to tap into a deeper understanding when reading scripts,
  • anyone who is enthusiastic in any way about storytelling or live performance

There are no official requirements for joining as long as you are ready to keep an open mind and write! All workshops are delivered online, so you may join from anywhere on the planet as long as you speak and write in English, plus I follow an Ethical Pricing Policy so that there is ZERO financial gatekeeping. Here’s what I mean, there are three ‘prices’ for all of the workshops:


Why should you pay full price? Because you are lucky enough to afford it without it being too much of a strain on your finances. All those honest enough and lucky enough to be able to pay full price will be filling in the gap for those that cannot afford to. Each course is 10hrs long, so the full price is at 20e per hour, which is already a very reasonable price.


You do have some income but paying the full price would be a big burden on you at the moment, or maybe you intend to take more than one workshop over a short period of time. This price is meant to make it easier for you to join and have a continuous participation to help you develop your projects even further whilst not costing you too much.

FREE – 000e

Yes, you may attend for free. You are currently unemployed, you are a student trying to make ends meet with no financial support, you are an artist or an actor or a writer barely making it till the end of the month, I get it. This is why every course I invite a couple of people that join for free. Sometimes they are able to contribute something in kind if their services are useful for the courses but that is not even necessary.

Also, please note that whatever price you pay you will be getting the exact same service and content without any form of discrimination, and if you’ve paid one price once it doesn’t mean I’m expecting you to keep paying that price.

So if you’ve read all of the above and would like to join a workshop, all you have the do is send me an email at antonbonnici@ofpottersdemons.com with a little introduction about yourself, which workshop you’d like to join and which price you’d like to pay. No further questions about your pricing choice will be asked and it’s all taken on trust. Just be aware that there is a limit to how many FREE registrations I may give on each workshop so I might suggest a different date, but you will get a spot eventually for sure.

All workshops are 10hours long, happen online, in the evening (19:00-21:30 Paris Time) via zoom, from Monday to Thursday, with 4 sessions of 2.5hrs each. A maximum of 12 participants is allowed per workshop.

I hope this gives you enough background to understand whether these workshops are right for your needs or not, but feel free to send me questions via email if you need any further clarifications. Dates and specific workshop details are available on the rest of this site, with the programme updated twice a year.

Thanks in advance and see you soon!

Kind regards,

Anton Bonnici